WOW! What a nice Hosta Show

WOW! What a nice Hosta Show. We had leaves, potted hostas, hostas in troughs, a very nice educational display & a couple of hostas arrangements…We got it all!  As always this is a team effort starting with Jim who puts it together & to all the volunteers who help along the whole process! Big THANK YOU to all for a superb job!


Now is time for Whispering Pines time & Gary needs a couple of extra volunteers to transport the hostas from & to the hoop house—preferably some pick-up trucks. So if you can help load & un-load at the hoop house &/or at Whispering Pines let me know ASAP—we can really use your help!


And then is our Bus Trip, Annual Picnic, Garden in the Park & Fall Hosta & Garden Forum!


And if you have not registered for Fall Forum—What are you waiting for? It is only two hours from Pittsburgh, same as from Buffalo & yet for some reason WNY Hosta Society always manages to have more members than us, Ay Caramba!


We are not in a competition but…I am just saying…LOL


So please register today! We have 4 Fantastic! Speakers:

Jonathan Hogarth – London, England

Growing and Showing Mini Hostas in England

Barbara Tiffany – The Gardens at Mill Fleurs

Designing a Spectacular Hosta Garden

Paul Zammit – Dir. Of Horticulture, Toronto Botanical Gardens

Gardening Without Flowers: Fantastic Foliage, Garden Ornaments

& Creative Containers

Karen Perkins – Garden Vision Epimediums

Collecting and Growing Epimediums


And we have vendors, lunch, continental breakfast, snacks…All included in your registration. And the speakers don’t start until 9:30 AM so you really can wake-up at 6AM & be there on time for the program…(Registration starts at 8 AM) So please register today! All you need to know plus the registration form is attach here. Let’s make it a DHSWP Fall Day! (Just Saying…)


Later, Alicia

The Pres

June 8, 2017

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